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Sept. 27, 2021

Brendon Todd: Georgia Bulldog Proud

Brendon Todd: Georgia Bulldog Proud

Brendon Todd - 4-time college All-American, key contributor on the 2005 Georgia Golf National Championship team, 3-time winner on the PGA Tour, and DGD - joins Herschel and Boss to bark about:

  • How tough it is to make it to the PGA Tour compared with other professional sports
  • His recruitment by Coach Haack and why he ultimately settled on playing college golf at the University of Georgia
  • His memories from Caves Valley and Georgia golf's 2005 national championship winning week
  • The camaraderie between all of the Dawgs on tour and how special it is to see his former teammates and friends having success
  • Hitting one of the most important golf shots of his PGA career left-handed (as a right-handed player)
  • The emotion and elation of winning an event on the PGA Tour
  • A unique tidbit about the composition of Georgia's football locker room
  • His answers to The Smart 16

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!

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