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June 14, 2022

Brook Whitmire: The Voice of Sanford Stadium

Brook Whitmire: The Voice of Sanford Stadium

Brook Whitmire - the Voice of Sanford Stadium, fiercely proud Georgia grad, and Damn Good Dawg - pulls up a barstool with the boys to bark about:

  • Brook's 30th year in the PA booth being a memorable one and the Dawgs giving him the ultimate anniversary gift in celebration
  • Being a Georgia Bulldog through and through and the influence of his father on his love affair with the Dawgs
  • Cherished memories and interactions from his three-decade run as the Voice of Sanford
  • How special it is to be a part of the fabric of the Georgia football experience and Saturdays In Athens
  • The enormous impact the University of Georgia has had on his life and the lives of his family  
  • His answers to The Smart 16

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!

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