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May 4, 2023

DGD Fund: Barking with Co-Founder Payne Walker

DGD Fund: Barking with Co-Founder Payne Walker

Payne Walker - co-founder of the DGD Fund, former Georgia long-snapper, two-time national champion, and Damn Good Dawg - joins the show to bark about:

- The DGD Fund's growth since its founding almost two years ago

- Excitement about athletes from almost every sport at Georgia now contributing to DGD Fund's mission

- Overwhelming support from Athens and the UGA community

- Payne's transition from being an invaluable part of back-to-back national championships as player to stepping on the field in a different role for the Dawgs as the quest for a 3-peat begins

- Memories that stick out from the Dawgs consecutive title runs

- How #KnowYourSnappers may have been responsible for an awesome interaction with a Dawgs supporter at The Players Championship

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!

Check out the DGD Fund website, follow them on all of their socials, and support their mission every way y'all can. And be sure to follow Payne and follow his transition to a different on-field role Between the Hedges this fall:

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