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April 19, 2021

Georgia Football: A G-Day Recap

Georgia Football: A G-Day Recap

Herschel and Boss bark about:

The Coin Toss: Saturday was an absolutely magnificent day, and Athens was the star of the show.

The Saturday In Athens 6-Pack: G-Day

(1)    Dawgnation, meet Adonai Mitchell. 

(2)    QB2 should be QB12. 

(3)    Darnell Washington is a GROWN ASS MAN. (That's it. That's the tweet.)

(4)    If Saturday was any indication, RBU may have an aerial flair to it this season.

(5)    The defensive backfield is Georgia's biggest offseason question. Why their play at G-Day  should provide all Dawgs fans with some optimism.

(6)    Georgia football's front seven has received a lot of offseason hype - their performance on G-Day was Exhibit A in the case for why all the hype is justified.

The Saturday In Athens Sixer:

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