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Aug. 6, 2021

Georgia Football: Fall Practice Is Here

Georgia Football: Fall Practice Is Here

Herschel and Boss bark about:

The Coin Toss: Pictures filtered out on social media this week of Georgia recruits in all red uniforms. Could it be a tease of something we'll see the Dawgs wear on the field? Are H.G. and Boss fashion forward or traditionalists when it comes to the uniforms UGA wears?

The Saturday In Athens 6-Pack (brought to you by our good friends at Southern Brewing)

(1)   FanSided - we are now the official Georgia Bulldogs podcast of the Fansided Podcast Network, which is fitting, because we, first and foremost, are fans. We are fired up to partner with FanSided and our hope is that it allows us to bark with more of y'all!

(2)    Snappers Assemble - listeners to the show are aware that H.G. and Boss think long snappers are the straw that stirs the special teams drink. We are thrilled to have two DGDs - William Mote and Payne Walker - join the Saturday In Athens team as brand ambassadors. 

(3)    Fall Practice Is Here - we made it y'all, the Dawgs are back in business and prepping for the opener against Clemson. What are H.G. and Boss looking for as practice begins?

(4)    ESPN's Powers Rankings slot the Dawgs in at #4 - should they be higher, lower, or is that spot just right?

(5)    The Classic City ranked as the #2 college town in America by ESPN - which town was ranked higher? Any beef with Athens not being #1? 

The Saturday In Athens Sixer

(6) NIL Retrospective - which Georgia players in the Richt-Smart era would have benefitted the most from the new NIL rules? H.G. and Boss rank their Top 6. 

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