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Sept. 29, 2021

Georgia Football: Previewing Dawgs-Hogs w/ DGD Drew Parker

Georgia Football: Previewing Dawgs-Hogs w/ DGD Drew Parker

Herschel and Boss are joined by DGD Drew Parker -  proud son of Covington, GA, successful songwriter with two #1 hits to his name, and burgeoning country music artist headlining his first tour this fall - to preview Dawgs-Hogs on Saturday. The fellas bark about:

  • An exciting fall not just for the Dawgs, but also for Drew, who recently released his first EP While You're Gone and is about to embark on his first tour as the headliner 
  • Drew's recent debut at the mother church of country music, The Grand Ole Opry
  • Navigating watching Dawgs games when game time happens to be the same time as showtime 
  • Drew's thoughts on the 2021 Georgia football team through four games
  • What has surprised him most about the Dawgs so far this season 
  • H.G., Boss and Drew make their picks for the weekend's slate in the battle for the 10 lbs. of Red

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!!

Please give Drew a follow on his social media channels, stream his music, and be sure to get out and see him live while he's out touring this fall!

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