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Oct. 24, 2021

Georgia Football: Sunday Snaps w/ DGD Payne Walker

Georgia Football: Sunday Snaps w/ DGD Payne Walker

Payne Walker - #47, Georgia's snapper on placement kicks, co-founder of the DGD Fund, and Damn Good Dawg - joins H.G. and Boss to bark about:

- How the idea for the DGD Fund was spawned and if Payne and his co-founders expected the strong response it has received
- The DGD Fund's new partnership with Onward Reserve and how Dawgs fans can support the fund while also getting some awesome gear 
- His path to Athens and his family's connections to UGA
- The ideal long-snapper being a "no-name" position because not being identifiable usually means you've done your job well
- What young athletes can do to start snapping and the resources that are available for them 
- The tight bond this 2021 Georgia football team shares and how it's impacting their play on the field

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!

Please give Payne a follow on social media and be sure to support him on the field, and also check out the DGD Fund website and follow them on all of their socials as well:

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