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April 7, 2020

Jamie Deen, Part 2: The Definition of a DGD

Jamie Deen, Part 2: The Definition of a DGD

Jamie Deen - the definition of a DGD - joins Herschel and Boss for The Smart 16 and barks about:

- Sony Michel's Rose Bowl clincher enhancing his leaping ability 
- A unique gift from Mr. Sonny Seiler
- How Clean, Old Fashioned Hate makes for a fun family rivalry each year
- Why his kitchen at home is his favorite place to eat
- His order at The Varsity

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Jamie Deen Interview Part II


Welcome to the blog, the dogs podcast. I'm Herschel Gurley here as always with my co host boss, dog boss bark at the people. Welcome back, everyone. hope



you all enjoyed part one of the interview with Jamie Dean. Today we have Part Two for y'all. Just so you know, this interview was taken about a month ago before everything in the world happened. So there's gonna be a little bit of context here that we want to put out for you all. For example, one of the things Jamie was doing on this particular day was going to see the Diamond Dogs play. So just for a little context about what was going on in the world at the time, you could still actually go to sporting events.



Yeah, we talked to Jamie at the beginning of March I think when we talked to him his family was preparing to go on a spring break trip the world was still functioning as it was, you know, this was all before the world has rocked off for access. So but great stuff, Jamie share some awesome stories, some of his personal memories, you know, whether it be going to the Rose Bowl or the hat that he wears every game day. That was a gift to him from Mr. Seiler. Just a lot of great stories. So here is part two and we hope you enjoy it. Well. Hey, Jamie, we want to close with you. We close with all our guests. We what we call the smart 16 in honor of our fearless leader, our head coach. So the first question is what's your middle name?



Let him lie to me n Who is your favorite dog?



Oh my gosh. Well, we talked about David Andrews. Oh, Thomas Davis back in the day. I love the Stinchcomb brothers. I think David green is an awesome guy champ Bailey buck blue is a great guy. You can't forget Herschel. Coach Dooley is awesome. It is too hard. So my belt back though I go to Larry Martin is my favorite dog of all time. replaceable.



All right. That's a good one. Boy, that's a good one. How about your favorite game



of easy rosebowl took my whole family went to San Diego. First time my kids had been to California. We stayed at cornado down in San Diego for two days, drove up to Pasadena. My mom is the past rosebowl Grand Marshal. So mom was the Grand Marshal for the Rose Bowl, I think in 13, or whatever that was, but as a previous Grand Marshal, she gets tickets for life. Why? She has to offer every Rose Bowl in eternity. So my mom gave me those tickets for Christmas. There's a picture of me crying and holding Rose Bowl tickets because I didn't think I was going I got him on Christmas. I found two more. So Brooke and Matthew were separated from jack and I. And in that whole stadium, it was packed. I don't have to tell you. There were two seats next to us. They were empty. And so my wife and my younger son was able to move over. And the four of us sat together on the 50 for the Rose Bowl. And when Sony scored, I felt like if I were ever going to dunk a basketball, that was the time when the bell flew over on the mountain, I mean the Rose Bowl man it was. So we went to the parade and one of the game I'll never forget it. I told my boys you could live to be 100. And you may never see another football game like this. It was just foreign above the best ever.



Yeah, I really have to agree with that. My brother and I went out very last minute we stayed in Manhattan Beach. We rode bikes from Manhattan Beach up to Santa Monica did the Santa Monica Pier we called the dogs on the Santa Monica roller coaster on the pier. And it was so we got to we got to Pasadena at about 645 in the morning. And we parked on the 18th fairway shows that golf course right behind, right behind the stadium. And we were just sitting there like, man, we are at the Rose Bowl today. And it was I mean, if you remember that day, how majestic was it that day. I mean, it was just so beautiful. And you go in the stadium and panoramix and the views are crazy. And you mentioned the stealth I'm so glad you mentioned that. I'm talking about it right now. And the hair on my arms is standing up like that is how Oh my Oh, it was just incredible. And to your point, just the way that game went with the first half being how it was and it just felt like the defense was on ice skates the whole time. And then to have that second half. And then Sony fumbles and you think it's over. And then Jake takes him down the field and they tie it and for Zoda block that kick and then I mean it was after that game was over. I looked at my brother and I said I seriously think I need an IV right now. I am exhausted. Yeah,



I think I was the first person in our section to yell he blocked it. When he got a piece of the field goal. I jumped in screen he blocked it and it seemed like it was complete silence around me. And then by the time I hit the ground, everything was good. Bananas, when Hot Rod hit the field goal at the end of the half, I look back and I said, this is it. I said do not give up. You set the field goal record at the gun at halftime at Baker running away that running around the way that he was I said, boys, this is it. We're gonna win.



Did you think it was cool too? It was essentially like Athens West and Pasadena that day. I mean, it was red and black everywhere.



That's all so many people that I knew, some that I knew and some that I knew in passing that I've seen here around. And that's really where kind of the legend of Georgia travelin came from, I think because, for me, I've always said if I could ever see Georgia play for the national championship in the Rose Bowl, I would I'd start walking today and I'll meet y'all a kickoff. You got that Ryan? national championship. It was national championship, Jr. I mean, it was a huge significant game for us. But just a walk in that bowl and walk downstairs. And because I always wondered about the trees along the top of the stadium. I thought How tall are there trees out there? And you don't realize it's really a bowl carved out of the earth just unbelievable. I just I will never miss a Georgia game in the Rose Bowl. I'll tell you today. I guarantee it. I don't care what I got to do. The walk in that building and see the red bike is a dream come true for me.



Who is your favorite rivalry? Well,



I sure do hate Florida I'm sure a Florida laws or tech folks so I'll have to go attack we do a home and away every year I give them to my tickets they give me to theirs and I'm riding the highway with them right now. I got a picture of my brother in law. Next to me. He's wearing he put on some Georgia Tech pants and he's wearing pants. And when you look back this was a couple years ago, and I'm just wetting my britches laughing at him at the end of the game so are in the disgust on its face. I love it so I'd say probably hoping for like my board game but if Florida was on fire, I wouldn't talk to him.



I love that.



I think we can all agree there.



What is your favorite away stadium?



Oh wait stadium you know when I've always enjoyed. I had fun at Tennessee a good friend of mine a good dog friend of mine lives in Knoxville and that was fun. But they put in so much artificial noise. I had no idea that that field is ringed with giant speakers. It's all artificial boys. I think I really enjoy going to Auburn. It's a beautiful stadium. When they let the ego go and it flies around. They got the you know, I enjoyed I lived in Columbus for a time when I was young. So we stay in Columbus and kind of go see my old house and I enjoy going to Auburn. My wife and I that's the first away trip we made so it's kind of special for me over folks are okay to



what is the loudest home game you've ever attended.



Gosh, I'd probably say Notre Dame, I think there was a Tennessee game seven or eight years ago. I hate to have recency bias. But when those lights came on in the stadium for the first time and Notre Dame was there, it was I could not hear myself think I thought that was as an electric environment as I've ever been in between the edges.



Yeah, it's amazing how much that changed things. I remember looking at my brother that night and going I feel like this is the biggest deal in America right now. It just felt the magnitude of just felt bigger than it's ever felt at a game I've been to at Stanford and it was just electrical. You know, they talk about sellouts. And I know it's always mostly full. But there won't be empty seat there that night brother. I mean, it was it was packed.



I mean, they brought in a couple extra 100 and in the end zone or something, right? I mean, just the magnitude of that and I really regret that I wasn't able to go to South Bend I think that'd be a fun place to go see a game but obligations got in the way until I'd been looking forward to them coming down and it night with the lights. It was just so cool. It was just my oldest son and I we walked to the stadium from the house and that whole day was just huge. It was it was awesome.



So this is an especially notable question for you. I feel like what is your go to tailgate food



unit simple, man. I don't, I'm not gonna drag a grill out or do any of that stuff. I usually prepare stuff at the house and pack a cooler. So I'll make permanent cheese or you know, just cold sandwiches by the time I'm anywhere near the stadium. I'm thinking about you know, other things so, and I'd love to go to tailgates and God bless the people that break out the tables and the tablecloths and all that stuff is exhausting for me. I'd rather you guys already know me Just give me a pimento cheese sandwich and a couple of creature comforts. I'm good to go.



What is the cocktail you're mixing for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.



I wouldn't be above bringing a gallon of Bloody Marys down There was some pickled okra and some good green olives and I make a bloody mary that's a little spicy and it's all natural so you almost have to chew it then you cut it with a little bit of clear adult beverage it's a good one Bloody Mary I'll go with that.



And we might have to get a recipe on that sounds that sounds delicious. What is we talked about this little bit about what you could only eat in one place What is your favorite place to eat nap?



It's my house man. I love the I love to eat at my house with my family I'm sorry to I haven't been every place enough to take a meal to be fair about it. But you know little Italy's got a lunch special two slices in a duck out for about six hours. That's pretty good.



Okay, feed that.



That's one thing about that and you can find some cheap food.



I'm all for that. I got four kids needed as cheap as I can find it.



I did. I put I mean I did just four steaks last night was as good as any you can buy. I did it here at the house. I've smoked some last week there was I mean, I did beef ribs about a month ago that are so good. So you know having my mom passed on me the ability to cook and I feel like it's my responsibility to flex it so I cook is good for my family here as I can and it's a lot more affordable to eat here at the house and go out to you know what Ain't no place to park in Athens. That's why I don't go to any of those restaurants the park and have crazy.



That's very true. That is very true. It's



not dissimilar from Savannah. It's at Savannah has 13 million people coming from outside to try to park their butt here in Athens, you know, between the students and everybody downtown. And I'm not complaining about it, but I like that. I'm a homeboy, man. I like to eat at the house. I don't have putting shoes on.



I'm all for that. Yeah, we're wears flip flops and anti shoes over here. So I'm all for



Do you have any game day superstitions speaking to Mr. Sahni, he gave me a hat. And you know the hat that Mr. Sony wears. I brought it with me to show you guys but you know, the one I'm talking about? It's from the coach Dooley era. Yep. Probably maybe four years ago, I saw Mr. Sunny somewhere and I said Mr. Sunny, where do you get that hat from? And he said, Well, I have a made for me. There's a hat company in Kentucky, I think that has been making his hats. And he said, I'll give you one. And I said, Okay, that'd be awesome this four years ago. And every time I'd see him, he'd say I forgot about you. I got your hat. And we open we reopen. Uncle Bob was my uncle had the oyster house in Savannah and guy rest so he passed last year, but he gotten he'd had his fill the restaurant business and we decided to reopen it as a family and it's called Creek house and seafood restaurant invited Mr. Sahni and, and his family to come up for the grand open. And he walked in and he had a little paper bag and handed me that bag and it had his head in it not I can tear out right now just thinking about it. It's the proudest thing that I have. And I've worn into every single game, except for the Auburn game when they beat us in Auburn was that two years ago, three years ago, I was I went to somebody's house for something. I couldn't wear my hat and we lost. And I've lost a couple of games in that hat. But if I'm going to the ballgame, I got my hat and there's only two people in the stadium this got it. That's me and Mr. Sahni.



Oh, man, how good is that? That's awesome. has



never known that he to give anybody one of those hats. Not could not be more proud of it.



What a treasure that is. That's awesome. That's so awesome. It is. So what is your favorite Sanford stadium pregame tradition, whether it's lone trumpet red coat marching band spell in Georgia. You know, Larry Monson coming over the broadcast and bringing the game in what what's your favorite thing about the pregame there?



I love all that but it's the the national anthem for me, the national anthem when everybody stands up and you take your hat off, and I get tears in my eyes every time just the just being there and being so happy and knowing that's the start of the game and the flag in the country and what it represents and I just take a I've got a lot of pride in that. So when the national anthem goes up, and our family sings it and it's hard for me to get through it and that's it for me I love all of it. But when the when the national anthem kicks off, is go Tom,



amen to that brother.



We've been getting kind of mixed reactions on this one admits mixed opinions. Black jerseys, yes or no? Oh, I



don't care. You know, if the kids like it, whatever, doesn't matter. I'm more traditionalist. For me. I want silver britches, red jerseys, Red Hat. That's all I want. You know, the big gear that they rolled out, were they against Boise State. I just I didn't like that the reforms were four to one I didn't burn it. You know, we're the University of Georgia. We're red black. And, you know, the, but if the kids like it, I've been to a few blackout games. It's fun. I don't think it's worth all the talk. I think people talk about it too much. But if the kids want to wear it, who are we to say they're doing an awful lot of work? And I guess it's up mark to write I'd like to know what he thinks about it.



But Kirby was part of the teams that actually wore the red pants or in the black pants, wasn't he? And he was part of the last team that actually wear the helmet with a black stripe down the middle will be interesting. He actually brought those back just maybe is a one off he did he did actually was part of those teams that



wore them. Yeah, that's the thing. It's funny that kind of danced around it and I get the feeling he is a traditionalist and a lot of ways and I think he embraces that. Red jerseys at home with the silver britches is about iconic as it gets. So I think to your point, because he's a recruitment master. I think he keeps the black jerseys in play and you might see him against one of the the one double A schools the non power fives, but I think if it's a big time opponent and that ga G is on TV with lots of eyes watching, they're gonna be in the red, and I'm okay with that.



I get that. If we're gonna go red. I'd like to see just the silver helmet. I think that would be cool. Like you go way back to like Target.



Yeah, with this, the red G. Wait,



but you mash up all these colors and try to create something like for Boise State or Florida. s Bologna.



Yeah, that didn't look good. What is the loss, you're still not over



the Natty in the Rain Man. That was the worst. There was a miserable day, it was so cold. And so rainy. And the President was there and it took two hours to get in and sit through the game and just know that we're going to win. And then have Jalen hertz come in who and I don't have any animosity towards any of these kids. When Jalen changed schools, I pulled for him, you know, all these kids, you got to do your own thing, you know, but I felt like when he came in, that was our opportunity. And, you know, it just wasn't and that was that was kind of hard. The rest. You know, they're all kind of, they kind of blend together. You know, you go the first game that my wife and I went to it in Auburn. Moscow almost got killed across the middle all burned creamed us, you know. And so you remember those losses, but none of them will stand out like that. That night in Atlanta for the national championship. We were close man.



Really close. All right. Well, you mentioned the varsity a couple of times. So what do you have at the varsity?



Let me have three was slow and chilly. I'll take half rings have fries, and just keep my finger I'll go with the large Diet Coke. I appreciate it.



I'm here for that. What I could go for that right now too. We had Dr. Stan Beecham on who was the first ever hairy dog about a week ago. And he told us Don't fool with the frosted arm she said that's a rookie move because you're not supposed to drink your calories and I said you know I never thought about that because I do love me frosted orange but I'm gonna take note Am I give me extra chili talk next Mike.



Number three, because you're drinking a Diet Coke. That's right. just reminded me losing to over one a watt wearing my hat. Another game that has to be the most memorable. B or small a was that took my son to the SEC championship when we have benched that loss. And that was a that was a fantastic game is the first SEC championship that jack had been to. And that was really exciting for us. And then the following year, I took my son Matthew and I went to the SEC championship game this past year that we lost to LSU and that was pretty tough loss to he's eight years old. So at halftime, he said I want to go daddy didn't fun anymore. So it kind of taught him a lesson through the second half about how to carry yourself and how you win, and how you lose and enjoying the experience in the day together. But that SEC championship gets over that was pretty good, too.



Yeah. And so you went this year. So you've been to the Ben's house. It's such a neat arena and and I love how when you go in there's the escalator and when you get to the top of the escalator, just like to do with the College Football Hall of Fame. They have every high school football teams helmet in the state of Georgia. I think that it's so cool.



Yeah, it's phenomenal. Matthew and I went by the College Hall of Fame before the game this year is the first time that I've been in and we had a great time going in there. Atlanta is a cool place man. I love the visit my wife from Atlanta. And we get the Atlanta news here in Athens and I see that traffic every morning. I don't see how folks live in it. But it's your it's fun to visit and the bends is awesome too. Because of the amount. I'm a big fan of art. I love design and art, you know, through like cookbooks that we've done. I've got to do some of the photography aspects of it some of the design so you go into a place that celebrates art a friend of mine, Matt hypermail from scad. He's got a huge mural. inside of there, and he lives in Los Angeles now, but I go in and I see his art, you just say, their attention to detail. And I really love that they don't gouge you on the prices of contraction, that's huge man is a consumer go in and say, Wow, that's really decent of them to, you know, let you refill your drink throughout the game if you want. They're gonna make their money. But I think that's a class mode, too. I think Mr. Blank is probably a pretty good guy.



Yeah, that struck us to that family friendly pricing. I went down at halftime to get a couple drinks from my brother. And I like I think we were getting two or three waters. And she gave me the price. And I said, well, Ma'am, I got I got four waters. And she said, No, baby, that's the price. And I thought, Man, this is awesome. And to your point of it, I think that's great. It speaks to kind of the spirit of what it should be right? Like it, you should be able to take your family to a game and not feel like you need to take out a loan to do it. So I agree with that. I thought that was really great.



What do you need to break up your 16? I want to ask our question, what do you think about the alcohol sales that they're proposing here and the you know, kind of around the NCAA.



So we actually had a little bit of an experience with it this year, because we went to the Vandy game, the season opener this year in Nashville, and it was Vanderbilt stadiums first time selling the alcohol. And our experience with it was is that it took a long time, because the locations the purchase are small, the lines are very long, really, really long. And in turn, people didn't really get the opportunity to consume a ton, so we didn't really see a lot of ruckus in the stands. I have read that since they instituted it in West Virginia, that they've had less problems postgame because I think the inclination prior to it was Oh, hey, man, we can't have any drinks during the ballgame. We're gonna load up and then you go into game you got people getting sick. And I don't know I think about it now from like a parent's perspective. And I don't want to be sitting in the section with somebody that's so nice created that I have to like, protect my kid from a what they're saying or if they get sick. I don't. Right. So if the alcohol sales mitigates that, yeah, allows people to act normal. It wouldn't bother me, I'm really not here nor there about it. Because once I get in the stadium, that is the last thing I'm thinking about, and I want to watch the ball game and it wouldn't bother me one way or the other. Right? As long as it was maintained properly, and people weren't acting like fools, it wouldn't bother me.



It's interesting, though, because you think about you know, the experience that we have in our stadium here. Sometimes it's tough to get into the bathroom. Can you imagine wait? No, no beer like I would never I don't think it's very viable. It's interesting that they're having the club levels and those high end states that they can have drinks there, but kids are gonna find a way I mean, you know, you see this airplane bottles all over our stadium and and that's a hard thing as a parent now because I'm, I hear everything you know, we teach our kids smart people use smart words, but, you know, into environment like that. It's it's kind of tough, so I'm kind of with you, you know, but I just don't see how if you were to spend the entire game waiting in line to get a beer Why don't you just turn on the radio at creature comforts?



No, why ever come to the stadium? Yeah, why are you here? watch it on TV. Watch it in your house. Watch it at a bar.



Yeah, well, that's how Boston I work Vandy. I mean we we didn't we didn't purchase because man I was there to watch the ballgame you know it came all the way to Nashville to watch the dogs I can have a I can have beer at home you know



we're up in red on Nashville coming up at Spring I want I cannot wait to get up there um, I want to go I've heard it's really small. I didn't have a chance to go this year. But that's on my list. I mean, Nashville is such a great place to visit it'd be fun to go see a ballgame there



Jamie know what's interesting about it, which I didn't realize until we went it is it's in the city. You are essentially on a city block when you're at the stadium and the baseball field is directly next door to it. And so we walked around the baseball field and they were replaced in the field turf. So the entire field was gone and all that was there was all like the rubber pellets they put down as the base layer but really nice baseball facility. I thought the stadium given kind of where they are as the program I thought it was very nice, awesome place to watch a game because no matter where you sit, it's one level so there's no bad seat in the place. So yeah, I enjoyed it. I would go back there in a heartbeat. I mean any excuse go to Nashville. I'll take it but you go to Nashville and see the dogs massive double whammy. Double win. So there ought to be a constitutional amendment outlaw noon, kickoffs, yes or no, um,



I'll go Yes. may not go to noon games. But I think the environment has a huge impact on the team. And I just don't think that the nation is together by noon enough to support the team. We come out kind of flat. And plus, it's sort of fire hot. I mean, I would Institute games only until about week four. Because I sit in the full sun at 12 o'clock and it 115 degrees. Very many more times. Well, I'm still gonna keep going but I won't complain about it. We sat there one year Oh, Lord. I like the melted, I must probably got down to 225 after that.



All right, last one, for the college football playoff expand to eight teams are fine. How it is,



from my perspective, I feel like we're gonna be in the top four coming out of the SEC. I don't care, man, I really don't care. I think it's inevitable though, because of the money. I think it's, you know, it's kind of the same as the pro aspect, there's too much money there to be ignored, they're gonna figure out a way to do it. I think it's baloney to worry about the kids and their schedule, and what they do and this and that, and all the other and then they're just going to add all these games. The Division Three plays a playoff scenario that I think is really cool. The way they do it is, is cool, but you know, invite in, I love to play different teams to let's expand it out. And that way, we don't have to hear from a fan base. About they got cheated. They're not in a big enough division. You know, slet, one of these guys that roll through and maybe lose one game through the year, let them come in to the to in, let's see. Let's figure it out on the field, if you know for like in Boise State last year, if they could have played with some of the big guys. I mean, I love football. So it's extra games, but I just think inevitably money's gonna win out there, they'll probably expand and they might not stop today. Once the money starts coming. It will say



yes, a Boston I both did our undergrad at division one, double A schools. And when we were there, it was a 16 team playoff. And now it's expanded to 24. And it's awesome. I mean, they everybody plays they settle it on the field. There's zero arguments you either win or you lose. I was surprised. I mean, understood why they did it, because they're trying to do all this balancing with the bowls. But you have five power conferences, but only four slots. And they didn't think there was going to be some friction between the different conference commissioners about one of them not getting in the dance. So I think that'll be the, to your point, the money aspect of it that the one conference which lately has generally been the PAC 12 they want to get in you know, they want to play too. So I agree with you. I think it's going to come eventually. Well, you have successfully completed the smart 16 he you probably were our best smart 16 guests thus far because you'd like to talk to as much as we do. So it's awesome. That was fantastic. In my job description, bro.



It comes right underdeck washer is talker.



I love it, brother. I love it. Well, Jamie, we're just we're just so thankful that you came on and spent some time with us. We certainly loved hearing your stories and hearing your passion for Georgia and for the Bulldogs. And you are welcome back on anytime if you want to come talk shop with us. And next time we're in Athens, we're gonna hit you up for anything, buddy marriage, brother.



Okay. Well, I'll talk to you all tomorrow, then.



Sounds great. We're in May. We're here. We'll talk about the baseball game tonight.



I'm pulling for you guys. I think this is awesome. I'm really, really excited for you. And and, you know, it can be a curse sometimes. But I'll tell you, you are starting this and I hope everything you wish for comes true.



Thank you. Well, thank you so much, Jamie. We certainly appreciate it. And I felt this way before we talked to you but I certainly feel this way now. Jamie Dean damn good dog. Sure. So dgd



God bless you, brother. Go dogs



go dogs.



That concludes part two of our interview with Jamie Dean and the whole interview. And but you know, again, Jamie was fantastic. so gracious with us in such a fun conversation all the way throughout. I mean, I felt like we could have talked for a while a lot of laughs great time. What were your thoughts on the part two of the interview and the interview as a whole?



Well on the interview as a whole, like, like I said in the first part, if we would have had time, we definitely could have talked for several hours with Jamie. He was very gracious with his time he was loved to talk love to tell stories. And the stories were great. And a lot of the stories, you know, we go into all of our interviews with a structure that we like to have. And with him, it was very conversational. And most of his answers led to follow up questions to the original questions, not like our structure kind of just went straight out the window. It was definitely not your typical interview process like we normally do. So it was a very fun interview. I mean, I really hope that hopefully after next season, you know, praying that there is a next season that we get to interview him again. And you know, hopefully the dogs will be on top and we'll have good things to talk about. And I would love to make it so that it's a yearly interview with him just to catch up, talk about the dogs and talk about life in general because he's just he's that type of guy. He's just a very fun interview, great guy to talk to in general. And like you said his stories that he got from Mr. Seiler is a great story and his memories of the Rose Bowl and I loved his statement. And you and I both wholeheartedly agree that if we were told right now that the dogs were gonna play in the Rose Bowl for the national championship, we'd start walking right now and he he said that we both wholeheartedly agree that is a quote that I loved his. I hope Jamie and his family are doing well. And you know, we both you know, hope we get to talk to him again soon.



Yeah, I love that rose bowl quote, and it's summed it up so well for me too, because I mean, that that's, that hits the nail on the head, man. I mean, I would I would walk my rear end all the way to Pasadena. It's just that kind of magical experience totally worth it. I kept thinking while we were talking to him, I was like, This is like the coolest pregame tailgate conversation that I've ever had, like, just super open. love talking about the dogs had these specific memories that he shared with us. It was just awesome. just kept thinking, you know, have a couple burgers, sit on the deck, watch the pregame show and watch the game. Just great conversation. So I agree with you. I think kind of having Jamie back on if he wants to come back home. We would love that if he wants to come on and pick games during the week when the season comes back. Man, we'd love to do that. He was just a lot of fun, a lot, a lot of passion, a lot of energy. And also just thought to man, he's just so authentic, so authentically himself, which is hard to find in the world and it was just a breath of fresh air in these times. So yeah, I'm with you. I hope Jim and his family are doing great and we're certainly thinking about them and and everybody else in dog nation. So go dog sick. Go dogs.