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Feb. 11, 2022

Memory Lane: Behind the Scenes of Super Bowl XLIV

Memory Lane: Behind the Scenes of Super Bowl XLIV

It's Super Bowl week and H.G. is taking a trip down memory lane with his good buddy, Bird. The boys pull up a couple barstools and bark about:

  • Their experience working Super Bowl XLIV in Miami between the Colts and the Saints
  • The PR Slappies working radio row and why H.G. will always laugh whenever he sees Jay Glazer on TV
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the losing team's locker room immediately following the Super Bowl
  • Why H.G. has a soft spot in his heart for the Manning family after being inside the Colts locker room postgame
  • How the club level of a Super Bowl host stadium doubles as a red carpet of sorts for athletes and celebs
  • Running into the Gruden brothers at a bar on Lauderdale Beach

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!!

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