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Feb. 13, 2021

U-G-A - It's In The Game

U-G-A - It's In The Game

H.G. and Boss are fired up this week because EA Sports NCAA Football is back!!! The fellas bark about:

- NCAA Football's triumphant return to the video game landscape
- being NCAA Football Jedi Knights according to the 10,000 Hour-Rule
- features they would like to see on the new version of the iconic game
- possible ideas for the cover athlete when the game returns
- Super Bowl LV and Tipsy Tom making an appearance at the championship boat parade
- counting the days until G-Day on April 17
- how Topgolf at Sanford is just further affirmation that Josh Brooks was absolutely the right hire for Georgia
- The People's Belt, the 10 Lbs. of Gold, the Prize That Was Promised finding a home in the Dawg Den with Chase Kelley of Seven Six Apparel, the first winner of The Saturday In Athens Guest Picker Challenge

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!!

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