By Dawgs Fans, For Dawgs Fans

It's Saturday In Athens

This song is for all the Dawgs fans out there. Play it at your tailgate, blast it on your road trips to Athens, and pregame with it before you head out in The Classic City. We hope y'all like it and Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!

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Verse 1:
Two Dawgs car flags whippin’ in the wind
Sun’s comin’ up, party’s ‘bout to begin.
The Classic City’s dressed to the nines
All the tents are full, Weber’s smokin’ that swine.
Poppin’ tops, time to Attack The Day
We tailgate harder than your team plays.
3:30 kick, College Gameday’s here
Myers Quad erupts when Corso dons the Hairy Dawg headgear.

In the fall each year we all congregate
Devout Dawgs gathered at the Church of Tailgate
The Scripture Reading’s from the Book of Munson
Our favorite verse, My God, A Freshman.
Drunk and obnoxious, we’re Georgia fans.
Ain’t nothin’ finer in the land.
93,000 of our best friends,
It’s Saturday In Athens.

Verse 2:
Downtown is callin’, Mags is the first stop
Shoot a game a’ pool and take some Jager shots.
Swing by Bourbon and share a fish bowl,
Georgia Theatre Rooftop view is good for the soul.
Walk through North Campus a little tip-say,
Hit the Million Dollar Steps, get that feelin’
It’s Gameday!!


Verse 3 :
The Redcoats are coming,
But this ain’t no Paul Revere,
Lone trumpet, Battle Hymn
Dawgnation is here,
Before you, heroes have graced the field,
Legends in Red and Black
now’s no time to yield,
Baba O'Riley
Crowd gettin’ rowdy
Glory, Glory to Ole Georgia,
Better clear the track,
This machine is lean and mean,
And painted Red & Black,
Krypton blares,
Cell phones in the air,
The sky is filled with light,
Thought y'all were Superman,
These Hedges are your Kryptonite,
Dawgs on top,
Crowd won’t stop,
The faithful cheer and yell,
Go forth you Hairy Dawgs,
And ring that victory bell!