Deacon Board for the Church of Tailgate
Sept. 7, 2022

Dawgs Dine On Roast Duck: "The Bulldogs are whatever makes buzzsaws weep"

Dawgs Dine On Roast Duck:

Seth and James recap their road trip to Atlanta to watch the Dawgs dust the Ducks in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game - the fellas break down the entire trip:

  • You gotta get up early to hunt Ducks, and the boys were up before every rooster on the eastern seaboard - and it was totally worth it
  • The Kapua Suite
  • A full recap of The Players' Lounge-DGD Mafia tailgate
  • Hanging with Week 1 Guest Picker and DGD Brook Whitmire at his family's tailgate
  • Our favorite opposing fan of all time and Seth's 40-yard dash in cowboy boots: "I'm here to get drunk and cover the spread"
  • James reviews his first ever trip to The Benz
  • Biggest surprises from the Dawgs annihilation of Oregon
  • The most memorable plays from an opener for the ages
  • "The Bulldogs are whatever makes buzzsaws weep"

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!!

A PERFECT WEEK took top billing in Week 1 of The Saturday In Athens Pick 'Em Challenge - what a start!


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