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Always terrific interviews, great analysis pre and post game, and my GameDay tailgate must-listen. The best UGA podcast of them all. Trust me, I've done the legwork. GO DAWGS!!

Favorite Dawgs Podcast

I’ve listened to them all, and this one is— by far— the best. Great interviews and analysis. Both so likable.

Most entertaining dawgs pod of ‘em all

I love the fact that HG and Boss are not alums of uga but have adopted the dawg family! Their fandom is paired with knowledgeable insight and quality podcasting! Their guests are always entertaining and the intro song is A-MA-ZING. I’ve searched the net and cannot find anything about the song. It’s professionally produced and lyrically fantastic and should be made available on iTunes and other music platforms. Love their insights and the informative interviews every week! A must-listen for every dawg fan! Keep up the great work gents!

Great show

Loved the Colt Ford intervy

Dawg Pound!

Love the Blawg Dawgs. Dawgs on top babayyy


Love listening! Look forward to each new pod 🙌🏻🐾🎯🐶

Ring The Bell

Herschel and Boss are full of passion for the Dawgs. This is a new must-listen for me!

Glory Glory!

Herschel and Boss are a mean machine in Red and Black! Love listening to them talk about the Dawgs. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Great stuff

As a Hurricanes fan anyone who hates the Gators is good in my book. Great content. Can’t wait for more.

Go Dawgs!

If you’re a Dawg fan, this podcast is awesome! Have loved the topics so far and enjoyed the energy and passion these guys have, keep em coming! Looking forward to the next podcast GO DAWGS!

Blawg the Dawgs!!!

Very informative!!! Great insight into UGA football.

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Good info. Great synergy. Tons of passion.

Dawg Knowledge

These guys know everything about their Dawgs! Keep up the great work Herschel and Boss!


These guys are the best!

Knowledgeable Dawg Talk!

This is a great pod for fans of the Red & Black. Informed opinions and interesting topics thus far - digging it!