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The Saturday In Athens Podcast: A Georgia Bulldogs Show

The Saturday In Athens Podcast: A Georgia Bulldogs Show

Herschel Gurley and Boss Dawg bark about all things UGA football. Each week, they'll Attack The Day, Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing, and Do More to bring you helmet sticker worthy coverage of Georgia Bulldogs football. Calling the Dawgs is their love language and they want you to come bark with 'em. Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!

Recent Episodes

Georgia Football: Talkin' Season is OVER

Aug. 5, 2022

Talkin' season is finally over and what's that coming down that track? It's the college football season - HALLELUJAH! H.G. and Boss are so excited they can hardly contain themselves. The fellas bark about: Setting expectatio…

John King: Always Gonna Be You

July 6, 2022

John King - proud Georgia grad, chart-topping country songwriter, recording artist and DGD - pulls up a chair at the tailgate with the boys to bark about: Growing up an hour outside of Athens and the role sports and music pl…

Aaron Murray: Guts Is Enough

June 21, 2022

Aaron Murray - 4-year starter at quarterback for the Dawgs, SEC career record-holder for passing yards and passing touchdowns, co-host of The Punt & Pass Podcast, co-CEO of The Players' Lounge, analyst for CBS Sports, and DG…

Brook Whitmire: The Voice of Sanford Stadium

June 14, 2022

Brook Whitmire - the Voice of Sanford Stadium, fiercely proud Georgia grad, and Damn Good Dawg - pulls up a barstool with the boys to bark about: Brook's 30th year in the PA booth being a memorable one and the Dawgs giving h…

Georgia Fan Stories: Clayton Lovell

June 3, 2022

Lifelong Dawgs fan and DGD Clayton Lovell joins the show to tell his Georgia fan story. The fellas bark about: Clayton's family connections to UGA and Athens and the origin of his passion for the Dawgs A nine-year game atten…

Georgia Football: 100 Days Til Duck Huntin' Season

May 26, 2022

It's 100 days until the Dawgs are back in action and all is right with the world! H.G. and Boss are starting the countdown to September 3rd at The Benz. The fellas bark about: SEC SummerSlam: Nick Saban v. Jimbo Fisher in a …