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Dec. 1, 2022

SEC Championship Game: Dawgs-Tigers, Act V

SEC Championship Game: Dawgs-Tigers, Act V

It's now a three-game season. It's also time for some vengeance. The Bayeaux Bengals thumped the Dawgs in the 2019 SECCG, and are 3-1 against Georgia in SEC Championship games. Now, it's time to get some payback. The fellas bark about:

  • It's SEC Championship Game week, but doesn't it feel a bit anticlimactic after LSU's faceplant against A&M?
  • Potential playoff matchups and why a Georgia-USC pairing in the Peach Bowl would be the marquee matchup of the semis
  • Why Georgia still continues to be undervalued and underestimated by the national media
  • A championship week pick-off for the guest picker 10 Lbs. of Red
  • A tight race in the chase for the GameDay Products grand prize in the Saturday in Athens Pick 'Em Challenge
  • ATS picks for conference championship weekend

Go Dawgs, Sic 'Em!!



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